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"Burroughs, the beverage director, has put his fingerprint on each [of his projects], from the California eat-veggies mantra of Tallulah’s, where he makes fruit liqueurs and started an organic wine menu, to Smith, where he has built a solid, all-around craft-beer, whiskey and cocktail program."


seattle times

"With our weather creeping near 90 degrees by the end of the week, it’s time to revisit the Aperol Spritz. For one, it’s usually one of the cheapest cocktails served at bars (around $8-$10). And it’s light enough that you can down two, maybe three, without getting tipsy."



"Nearly camouflaged by greenery, the patio of this residential café is the perfect place to escape the city, which lies just a few blocks west. Half a dozen heat lamps and sturdy umbrellas mean guests need not fear a sunburn."



"All of Linda establishments (Linda’s, Kings, Smith, Oddfellows, etc.) ooze a certain type of mastery at expressing the zeitgeist, and her latest—the self-described vegetable-driven neighborhood café—does it best at brunch."



"The restaurant gets its inspiration from the laid-back, Mediterranean-style ambiance of Morocco and Spain with a large open-air garden for outdoor dining and a long marble bar where guests can sip their drinks."



"Every neighborhood's dream restaurant, this [restaurant] lures hipsters and families alike with delicious, veggie-centric plates highlighting the freshest seasonal ingredients.”

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"I have a hard time picking from all the menu possibilities when I have brunch at Tallulah’s. The red quinoa, salmon, egg and avocado bowl, beet salad and the fruit and yogurt bowl feel hearty and healthy, but sometimes one must go for an omelet stuffed with ham, onions and cheese and a nice side of roasted potatoes."



"The only burger on their small but sweet menu, Tallulah’s lamb burger comes with zucchini and harissa, plus a ton of fries, and it isn't half baaaaaaa-d."


food & wine

"Tallulah’s is ... in Capitol Hill on 19th close to Hello Robin and Cone & Steiner. I love its mid-century décor with artist Jen Ament’s work on the walls. A definite must-have is the lamb burger with fries."


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"As advertised, the space is most clearly mid-century modern. Through it all are finishings and art stolen from her walls — including the giant piece featuring Cashmere the Persian kitty cat greeting customers at the entrance."


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"Best moments in Seattle restaurants 2014: Every idle hour enjoyed with the neighbors on the ridiculously happy patio at Tallulah’s."



"Turns out, the best thing since sliced bread is, well, sliced bread.Seattle’s Tallulah’s tops its grilled morsels with banana and a house-made Nutella-style spread, making them well worth their $5 price tag."


the new yorker

"Who doesn’t like toast? The economic and moral objections to it could be used against many of the things we consume in restaurants—coffee, for instance—and Clement admits that the toast she sampled at Tallulah’s, a café in Seattle’s Capitol Hill, was excellent."